We’re in Tucson, ready to roll!

Well the trip to Tucson was pretty uneventful except for the guy sitting across the aisle that snored louder than I’ve ever heard anyone snore before.  The only other problem was my computer battery dying 25 minutes into Emily’s movie, so I had to talk her into taking a nap, which actually worked.  We are staying at the Hotel Arizona, which is right downtown Tucson, only 3.9 miles to be exact from Hi Corbett Field, which is the reason for staying here.  Other than that, we will be down at Hi Corbett as early as I want to get up, which will probably put us there around 10-10:30.  After that, we are headed up to Emily & horse.JPGPhoenix to get ready for some more Rockies games on Wednesday and Thursday.  I’ll take some pics, and get them posted as soon as internetly possible.  I don’t think that is a word, but it is now:) 



Have fun both of you. I woke up to 3 inches of snow on my car this morning…D

Good Morning Dan,
What D said.
If you can, would you try and get a picture of Matt? It’s going to be strange not seeing him in left field this season.
Brrrrr, wish I was there.

Good luck to all…it’s been like Noah’s Ark here in Wisconsin for the last forty days. Enjoy the sun!


DAN, well did you roll? Post some pictures brotha. I’m jealous you got to see all the games the Rockies won…Do tell…D

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